MP1 Music – Loup Noir

We composed music to the story of Loup Noir (Black Wolf)

In this story a boy walks in a forest. Its snowing. A black wolf follows him. When the boy sees him, he starts to run away, but the wolf jumps and…. rescues the boy from a tree that is falling down.

The children used  instruments to highlight different sounds in the story.

You can see/hear the results here:

P3: working with Power Point

The P3 children made a Power Point presentation. First they had to take pictures of the objects we found last week. Then they put those pictures in the presentation, with a line of text. To finish it, they had to add some animations and choose a nice lay-out. You can download the results here:







School Show

The end of term show this year will be an Ecole Yenzi version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and will take place in the early evening on Tuesday 8th December. You will hear more details about each class from your child’s class teacher.

The Mixx: a Dutch band visits Ecole Yenzi

The Mixx is a band from the Netherlands, who came to Yenzi to perfom during the Dutch Night.


They also played their music at school.


We had to make music together.


We recorded our singing.


And felt like real pop stars.