Welcome to Migratia!

The students in MP3 are studying “Migration: Moving people” in IPC. For their Entry Point the children were to hold class elections to vote in a new ckass president. The election was rigged and the children were thrown out of their classroom by the General. They were forced to find refuge in the new land of Migratia.

“One of the problems was that we all had different coloured passports. It meant that we were entitled to different things. That wasn’t fair”    Eno. P7

“We struggled to find things to build our  camps. If we found extra, we traded with the other camps for the things we needed. Some camps stole things from us.”         Ype P7

“At playtime some of the other classes came and tried to break our camps. They didn’t want us being in their way.”       Yesi. P8



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